About Steve

It all started a very long time ago with a box "Brownie" and a fascination which has never waned over many years. For those who were born after 1960 a box "Brownie" is a very old type of film camera.
Box Brownie Camera
Box Brownie Camera

Although having started with films, dark rooms and the smell of chemicals, I am very firmly "all digital" now with an ever growing collection of Canon and studio equipment.

The word photography comes from the Greek, meaning to draw/paint with light. Natural light is constantly changing which makes its effects so interesting. I am enthralled by how light affects everything around me which is why I try to “Follow the Light” in all seasons.

I was born, and now live and work, in the Yorkshire Dales. My photographic work is chiefly within the North of England although I can, and do, travel throughout the United Kingdom. I am particularly passionate about what North Yorkshire has to offer, especially the Yorkshire Dales.

I am primarily a landscape photographer but also enjoy working in Advertising and especially Architecture be that indoors or outdoors. Above all I try to make images which create emotions within those who view them.

At the time of writing I have just successfully completed a Foundation Degree course in Photography at Craven College in home town of Skipton. I have been award my degree with distinction from Bradford University.

Company Story

In 2010, I left behind the world of financial services and embarked on a venture which has taken me on a journey of discovery. The journey has been about utilising all the things we learn through our lives and bringing them together to produce something enjoyable and meaningful.

From 2008 onwards, I acquired business skills through a number of avenues, in particular the now defunct Business Link organisation. A great debt of gratitude is owed to those who imparted their skills and knowledge especially Guy Foster to whom I will be eternally grateful. With his tuition and encouragement I took the first steps in setting up Steve Davison Photography.

Throughout this time I was busy photographing everything I could to improve my images. Studying the work of practising photographers and picking up tips wherever I could. By 2011 I decided that I could benefit from "going back to school" and enrolled on a 3 year Foundation Degree course at Craven College in Skipton. This has without doubt been a tremendous help to me, bringing together the artistic side of photography with the technical and business skills required in today's marketplace.

Nowadays I use Landscapes to practice my artistic abilities and as a means of getting into the countryside and trying to keep fit. To this genre I have added Commercial Advertising and Architectural Photography which allows me to work with people helping them promote their own individual businesses and products or services. I also make my work available to Editors and Publishers to illustrate books, journals and websites.

I was told by many, right at the start, that building a photography business would be a long process before becoming established; at least 3 and probably nearer to 5 years. So it has turned out to be, only now is the recognition of my work starting to appear.

Somebody once sent me a card which I have kept to this day. It has a poem in it, the title of which is "Don't ever give up". Sound advice and advice I have stuck to. There have been times I wondered if I was on the right track but the enjoyment of photography is what drives me forward. I hope my business continues to grow and that I am able to continue sharing my work with others.