It all started for me a very long time ago with a box "Brownie" and a fascination which has never waned over many years.
Box Brownie Camera
Box Brownie Camera
For those who were born after 1960 a box "Brownie" is a very old type of film camera which had two aspects. Portrait or Landscape, depending on which way the camera was held. There was one non-interchangeable lens which was buried in the camera body and one lever to expose the film. And a wing nut to wind the film on from one frame to the next between shots. Once the film was fully exposed if you didn't have your own darkroom it meant a trip to the chemists and a 7 day wait for developing.

How things have changed and although I started with films, dark rooms and the smell of chemicals, I am now very firmly "all digital" with an ever growing collection of equipment. The techniques though are largely unchanged

The word photography comes from the Greek, meaning to draw or paint with light. Natural light is constantly changing which makes its effects so interesting. I am enthralled by how light affects everything around me which is why I try to “Follow the Light” in all seasons.

I was born, and now live and work, in the Yorkshire Dales. My photographic work is chiefly within the North of England although I can, and do, travel throughout the United Kingdom. I am particularly passionate about what North Yorkshire has to offer, especially the Yorkshire Dales.I am primarily a landscape photographer but also enjoy working in any photographic genre be that indoors or outdoors. Above all I try to make images which create emotions within those who view them.

In 2010, I left behind the world of financial services and embarked on a venture which has taken me on a journey of discovery. The journey has been about utilising all the things we learn through our lives and bringing them together to produce something enjoyable and meaningful. From 2008 I acquired business skills through a number of avenues, in particular the now defunct Business Link organisation. A great debt of gratitude is owed to those who imparted their skills and knowledge especially Guy Foster to whom I will be eternally grateful. With his tuition and encouragement I took the first steps in setting up Steve Davison Photography.

Throughout this time I was busy photographing everything I could to improve my images, studying the work of practising photographers and picking up tips wherever I could. By 2011 I decided that I could benefit from "going back to school" and enrolled on a 3 year Foundation Degree course through Bradford University. This has without doubt been a tremendous help to me, bringing together the artistic side of photography with the technical and business skills required in today's marketplace.

Nowadays I use landscapes to practice my artistic abilities and as a means of getting into the countryside and trying to keep fit. To this genre I have added other photography genre which allow me to work with people helping them promote their own individual businesses and products or services. I also make my work available to Editors and Publishers to illustrate books, journals and websites.

Somebody once sent me a card when I started which I have kept to this day. It has a poem in it, the title of which is "Don't ever give up". Sound advice and advice I have stuck to. There have been times I wondered if I was on the right track but the enjoyment of photography is what drives me forward. I hope my business continues to grow and that I am able to continue sharing my work with others.