Architecture Photography Tram HQ, Leeds
Architecture Photographs
Welcome to my Architecture photography gallery.

Architectural photography isn’t just office blocks and chocolate box cottages, Castles and Cathedrals.

It is a pictorial image, not only of aesthetically pleasing or innovative constructions, but also a record of how we used to live in the past. How monks put together vast abbeys with only their bare hands and ingenuity; and how we have employed machinery and technology to build huge buildings in which we live and work, worship and trade.

This gallery is about buildings which provide men, women and children with a basic need – Shelter. It shows my portrayal of buildings and their differences across the North of England from cities to villages, towns to hamlets over the centuries. Highlighting the differences in construction across the region: from huge stone roofing slabs in Pennine areas to wavy red pantiles in the Vale of York and the East Coast.

Please drop by my Architecture gallery through to see more of the artistry which has gone into our buildings past and present and perhaps get your own record in a print and gift.


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