Farnhill Wood with bluebells - sunrise panoramic
Photography Influencers


“My approach to photography has been influenced by many photographic practitioners, both past and current. A few are recognised below for the help they have given me knowingly or otherwise”

“Two of the best living landscape photographers in the United Kingdom are Joe Cornish and David Noton   both are dedicated to their art and to the countryside they capture especially its preservation and conservation. Both also travel widely and capture the essence of the many countries they visit. I was privileged to meet with Joe during his visit to Craven College, Skipton when he delivered an enthralling lecture on his work during my studies.”

“During the setting up of my business, David Taylor  from Northumberland gave much of his time sharing his knowledge of photography and giving much guidance on business skills. I am grateful for this input and am keen to learn from his workshops when I can get up to see him.”

Ansel Adams  is a legend in the photography world and although no longer living he has left a vast legacy which many generations will continue to learn from. I spent much of my college course with my head buried in his books. “

“Though he would not recognise himself as an all action hero, Don McCullin captures many scenes of human life from British royalty through society events to cultural events around the world. Recording conflicts between protestors against fox hunting, and the huntsman on their fine horses. From religious celebrations through the streets of Bradford: to the depravation in the slums of many UK and foreign cities portraying the poverty. Making a statement with every image he makes, Don is always the gentleman, always polite and always involves his subject in what he is creating. And always thanks them for their time. Even in a War Zone in which his monochrome images are extremely powerful.”

“A great deal of my learning during my degree course came from books and videos made by Guernsey based commercial photographer and Educator Karl Taylor. Karl’s absolute dedication to his art and especially his enthusiasm with his subject, be that a whisky bottle or and curvaceous model, brings the best out of them as it did with me. Since my days at college, Karl has concentrated much of his work on education and sharing it with others.”

“I cannot finish this piece without mentioning David Attenborough. The man who has inspired, and continues to inspire, many a generation around the world to appreciate the environment we are blessed and privileged to live in, through his film work. His respect for the natural world and animal kingdom, particularly how to protect and conserve what is around us is a large part of what guides my photography. Patience in waiting for the right moment, the right light, the right angle, the right shot. Respect for the animals whose patch I am invading, Appreciation for their tolerance”.

“My influencers have all had their separate input into not only my photography, but also my attitude to life. Dedication: Commitment: Enthusiasm: Respect: Appreciation and Patience.”