Quince Blossom
Natural World Photographs
Welcome to my Natural World photography gallery.

Landscape images record the “general picture”. However, making up that “big picture” are thousands and thousands of little pictures.

When we look out across a Yorkshire Dale, any dale will do although all are different; there are millions of trees, flowers, insects, birds, people and animals making that scene before us. And all year round the scene and its occupants will change.  The intimacy of bees collecting pollen, dogs rounding up sheep and flowers bursting into blossom are difficult to capture, but very satisfying when it comes off.

 In this gallery I have attempted to look closer at the world before me to see how the “big picture” is made. Please drop by my Natural World gallery at  Pixels.com to see more of my excursions into the underworld and maybe purchase a print and gift.

The Natural World

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